• A older photo of and Above Ground Subway to South Ferry Bound Train in NYC

    How Our Story Began

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A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.
– Jackie Robinson


When launching Milton Wes the first person who came to mind was my grandfather. He was a man with character and style. His style encompassed more than what he wore. He loved jazz, the arts, New York City, and being of service. 

After serving in the military during the Korean War, he became one of the first African American conductors of the MTA. My grandfather's style, charisma, and charm embodied his love of the arts, pride in what he wore, and his serene surroundings at home! I choose his middle name and mine to form the brand name, Milton Wes!

Creating Milton Wes has been an extremely emotional experience. It's a brand that pays homage to all the grandfathers of the world, especially my own.

My grandfather (Poppi) was compassionate, understanding, and loving. I enjoyed the times we spent together. Those were the times I remember us driving up and down the streets of Brooklyn, when he would tell me he loved me for who I was, which gave me the confidence I could achieve anything in life if I applied myself. He would always say, "the lives we live speak louder than our words."

His legacy inspired me to develop Milton Wes as a brand that is artistically inspired by New York City, his 34-year career with the Metropolitan Transit Authority, and today's trendsetters and trailblazers!

  • A Beautiful Black and White Photo of the Milton Wes Family Dressed Up in the 1950's

    The Milton Wes Family 




The legacy of my family started with Milton, my grandfather but it's continuing with me by launching Milton Wes! 

After several attempts at developing a viable brand, I've finally built a brand that I'm proud of, and I hope you will be too.

Two words you never hear together are "Black Excellence" and "Family," however, I'm trying to change that by launching Milton Wes.

My mission is to show the world that black men and women are rich in history. - Corey Wesley (Creative Director)

An M in grey and W in red fused together to form the Milton Wes Logo

Part 3


The moment I saw the image (above) of us on a shirt, I cried; it means so much to me. It's also the reason I take risks in life. He was a trailblazer, and I strive to walk in his footsteps! His stories about trains, graffiti art, working hard, and paving the way for the generation to come is Milton Wes.

The products we offer are modern, nostalgic, and are rich with character, like the man I proudly called Poppi.

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