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Growing up, my mother made sure my surroundings set me up for success. I can remember having a room decorated with matching Celtic's merchandise, from the pillows, throw blankets, mugs to the curtains. It brought my room to life.

If you visited our home, you would have thought we were rich, but we weren't. We were a working-class family struggling, but it was the styling of our home that gave our home a personality.

My experience growing is why I am passionate about helping other families, especially the single mother who wants to give her children the best. My mother gave me the best, and it's the reason I decided to launch Milton Wes.

For years, I wanted to have a black-owned lifestyle brand that vividly blurs the boundaries between family, art, home furnishings, and everything in between. My understanding is that home furnishings are the core of a home and its character.

My love for graffiti and art developed the moment my grandfather, MILTON, one of the first African-American conductors for the MTA, took me on the NYC subway for the first time, I will never forget that day. It was magical.

In the late '70s, graffiti art could be found all over the NYC Subway system, and it's the moment I fell in love with this form of expression. Graffiti art is an urban art form that translates to modern art, and another reason I love art. Everyone's home should have a piece of art hanging on their walls.

Graffiti art represents so much to me because it represents the people, the streets, and artistic individuals who use creativity to express themselves through art.

Art is an expression of creativity, spirit, and heart that we often can't take home with us, but I am making that possible with Milton Wes.

Our CANVAS ARTWORK is from local artists or street artwork that cultivates the essence of NYC, family, and love, the foundation of our brand.

Each piece is curated and hand-picked with you in mind! You can make the smallest pieces of home grand with our collection.

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