About Us

Photo of Corey Wesley's Family, Milton Wes Family Portrait

How Our Story Began...

When launching Milton Wes the first person who came to mind was my grandfather. He was a man with character and style. His style encompassed more than what he wore. He loved jazz, the arts, New York City, and being of service. 

After serving in the military during the Korean War, he became one of the first African American conductors of the MTA. My grandfather's style, charisma, and charm embodied his love of the arts, pride in what he wore, and his serene surroundings at home! I choose his middle name and mine to form the brand name, Milton Wes!

My grandfather's (Poppi) legacy inspired me to develop Milton Wes as a brand that is artistically inspired by New York City, his 34-year career with the Metropolitan Transit Authority, and today's trendsetters and jet-setters!

Family + Black Excellence

The legacy of my family started with Milton, my grandfather but it's continuing with me by launching Milton Wes! After several attempts at developing a viable brand, I've finally built a brand that I'm proud of, and I hope you will be too. Words you never hear together are "Black Excellence" and "Family," however, I'm trying to change that by launching Milton Wes. 

The products we offer are modern, nostalgic, and are rich with character, like the man I proudly called Poppi.