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Corey Wesley, Founder of Milton Wes

Milton's Legacy Continues...

Corey Wesley has dreamt of becoming a star since he was a little boy. His first taste of stardom was in 1989, the year he heard his name over the school intercom system being voted Sr. Class President. He studied Communications at Oswego State University and continued his education at Pratt, in Social Media Marketing, and has taken numerous continuing education courses through the years.

After 15+ successful years in finance, he ventured out on his own, creating various brands, Flirtatious-T, Urban FLRT, Kinkster NYC, and now Milton Wes.

Over the years, Wesley's t-shirt designs have been worn by celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Bre (America's Next Top Model), and Kendra Wilkinson (The Girls Next Door). He has also been written about countlessly in blogs and print publications (Harlem Times) on his brands and various business endeavors.

In addition to launching Milton Wes, he is currently the founder and editor in chief of his online publication, OVAH MAG, a magazine for today's trailblazers.

"My grandfather Milton was a trailblazer, but genuinely, my entire family is, and wealthy with history! I'm eager to share with you and the world my family's legacy expressed through my creativity," says Wesley.


Press inquiries. Members of the media are asked to direct all press inquires to Corey Wesley via email at corey@miltonwes.co.


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